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Solar Power: Good For Business

Most businesses are excellent candidates for commercial solar photovoltaic systems. Many business owners don’t realize that solar power can save them money.

The good news is that solar makes financial sense for almost all commercial properties.

100k Solar has found that companies often want to save money and reduce their utility costs. Going solar can help businesses do both. From family-owned operations to corporate headquarters,100k Solar’s commercial customers have discovered the practical benefits of going solar. Solar energy is a way for businesses to maximize the potential of their property and earn a profitable return.

No matter what kind of business you have, solar energy can help offset your energy costs and reduce your bills during times of peak demand.

The solar market is growing fast. Isn’t it time you explored the benefits?


Federal Government Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a government backed solar incentive. Customers receive a tax credit worth 26% of the cost your solar system by the federal government. Once your system has been activated, your business can take advantage of the credit during your next federal tax return.


Macrs Depreciation Incentive

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is an IRS incentive that the IRS has classified solar energy as a 5-year property, allowing owners of a solar energy equipment to claim a tax deduction of significant value. This will increase the returns of your investment.


State Incentives

The state of New Jersey offers performance based on energy credits (RECS) for businesses to go solar and can provide a source of cash flow to the business for 10 or more years. 


Clean Renewable Energy

Solar power is a clean, renewable resource that responsibly provides you with the energy needed for your home or business. When investing in solar systems it’s important to consider all of these benefits: no greenhouse gas emissions; independence from ever-changing market prices and volatility when purchasing electricity on global markets (you can sell back any extra), as well as reduced operating costs because there are fewer fees involved than if generated through an utility company.


Increased Property Value

Solar power is an investment in the future. Solar panels have been known to increase building value by as much $20,000 per year for each thousand dollars invested into solar installation and electricity savings! 

Commercial properties can also enjoy tax benefits from their states–in some cases these include being exempt or even receiving a sales bonus when selling at market rate later on down the line – all thanks just one system that pays itself off many times over before you ever reap any rewards yourself.



Positive Public Perception

Renewable energy is the future of commercial buildings. A system which incorporates solar power into your property can not only dramatically increase its economic value, but also make you more appealing for investors who are willing to pay a premium price when purchasing or developing such properties due in part from being eco-friendly as well as tax exempt under some states’ laws on renewable energies

We’ve seen how incorporating new technologies has helped companies stay competitive with other businesses while still making them environmentally responsible – it’s time we did likewise at our place of work!

Costs are lower than they ever have been

Investing in solar power can increase the economic value of your commercial building. In some states, it’s exempt from sales tax and property taxes too! 

By investing now you’ll not only boost its resale price but also make sure that any future buyer will be willing pay more when they purchase this efficient space because everyone wants a clean environment.


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