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Benefits of Residential Solar Electricity

The benefits of switching to solar energy are many. It’s a The United States has an immense solar resource. One hour of midday summer sun is enough to meet the country’s annual electricity demand! Most states in America offer excellent or good-to-excellent levels for this energy source, meaning that you can still make use if it even when there isn’t much sunlight during your location’s usual hours.

Cost Savings

Enjoy lower monthly utility bills and returns on your investment are two of the major incentives for going solar. You’ll save more with solar when you know exactly the following:

  • Electricity consumption

  • Solar energy system size

  • Whether you purchase or lease your system

  • Direct hours of daily sunlight

  • Size and angle of roof

  • Local electricity rates

A solar electric system is a low-risk, long term investment that can help you save on monthly utility bills.

Increased Home Value

Solar panels are viewed as building remodel or upgrade, allowing your solar energy system purchase to help increase your home’s value. Recent studies by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed  that solar increased the value of a home by about $15,000. Learn more about solar and real estate.

Solar Works Everywhere

The solar resource of the United States is enormous.  In fact, just one hour of noontime summer sun is equal to the annual U.S. electricity demand.  Most states in the United States have good-to-excellent solar resource. Even places with relatively low solar resources, such as the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, can experience cost savings, and have similar solar resources to countries that have widely developed solar PV, like Germany.


Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar generated is a step towards clean air and water. Not only does it reduce the emissions that are warming our planet, but also dangerous pollutants such as sulfur oxide gas or particulate matter in smog. Solar can be an important part to any sustainable energy solution for today’s world population because not only does this renewable resource decrease CO2 levels from fossil fuels; It provides us with more electricity when we need it most!

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